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About us

Salav Guesthouse offers a charming alternative to traditional hotel accommodations. We have curated a range of facilities designed to ensure guests enjoy comfort, security, and the prime location of our residence, conveniently situated between Praia's administrative, commercial, and residential centers.


Our comfortable and spacious private rooms provide a relaxing retreat for guests. Additionally, the residence features various common areas and a public space where guests are encouraged to interact with locals.


With an Afro-Arabic décor, we aim to create a cozy ambiance that blends traditional elements with modern touches, stimulating the senses and offering our guests a delightful experience during their stay.

Afro-Arabic Decor

"Praia’s Salav Guesthouse is an upper-class townhouse set in the embassy area, making it a prime location for exploring the town. The guesthouse features Afro-Arabic décor, providing a striking yet cozy ambiance that complements its coastal setting" (Luxury Travel Diary). At Salav, we welcome you to a unique and comfortable stay.

Kebra Kanela Beach

"Close to hotels and restaurants, Kebra Kanela Beach is a popular choice for those looking to relax at the end of a day of sightseeing or work. The warm sand and calm water complete the serene and inviting scenery of this clean and safe beach." (Cabo Verde Travel Guide) . A few minutes walking we are close for you to enjoy a dip at anytime of the day.

Sustainability Goals

"The government of Cabo Verde is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 18% by 2030, with an ambition to increase this reduction to 24% with adequate international support." (UNFCCC) . At Salav we are committed to follow the sustainability goals set by the country.

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